Automatic GBG Texture Creator

A utility for creating custom Game Builder Garage images (on a Nintendo Switch) using an Arduino, Seeeduino, or similar device to simulate a mouse and automate the Texture Nodon creation.

This is a companion web page for the automatic-gbg-texture-creator project. It is intended to provide a quick start overview to help you get started creating your own custom Texture Nodons with a Seeeduino XIAO (or other TinyUSB) board.

LongToothGamer also made a YouTube video that demonstrates the process.


The basic process is to convert an image and extract pixel data and then paste that data into the mouse controller program, upload it to a board, and then run the program when attached to the Nintendo Switch.

AGBGTC Examples

Image Extraction Utilities

These utilities convert an image into data that is used by the mouse controller program.

They are hosted here for convenience but I did not write them. They were written by Scrubz from the VideoDojo community. Review the GitHub project README files for more background and full attribution.

Converts images to texture data with several conversion options.
Allows the extraction of any texture using only a screenshot of the GBG texture screen.

Mouse Controller Program

The mouse controller program is uploaded to an Arduino or Seeeduino board and uses the extracted image data to simulate mouse movements to automatically create and draw Texture Nodons.

Seeeduino XIAO

Download this repo and follow the README in the agbgtc_tinyusb folder.

Seeeduino XIAO
Photo Credit: Ray Cardillo / LongToothGamer

Arduino Leonardo

See notes in the README and visit the VideoDojo community discord for more information about this version.

Arduino Leonardo
Photo Credit: Becky Stern - Flickr: Arduino Leonardo